The Drama of the Bible

7 Topics. 7 Questions. 49 Dramas!

The Bible is a fascinating book and is God's Word to us. It tells us the real life experiences of the patriarchs and matriarchs, prophets and priests, kings and queens, angels and demons, and saints and sinners. Some Biblical authors left little to the imagination!

bbin体育 The Bible Drama Exercises will help you learn more about the Bible through an interactive exercise program.

There are three activites you can choose from:
  • Exercise Mode: See a detailed explanation for each question.
  • Quiz Mode: Get a score to see how much you know.
  • Study Guide: Dig deeper by reading the scriptures directly in NIV or KJV. Wikipedia links are also included.

By the time you finish all seven exercises, you will have a much more comprehensive understanding of some of the most extraordinary events in the Bible.

God bless you in your study of Scripture!

Not for children

Even though the material in this app is directly from the Bible, adults should review this material before allowing children to use it.